Poker Strategy - Andrew Brokos Cash Game Hand Analysis

Brokos Breaks Down a No-Limit Hold'em Hand

Andrew "Foucault" Brokos is known for his insight into the game and involvement with under-staffed no-restriction hold'em cash games 카지노사이트. An educator for Card Player Pro (controlled by PokerSavvy Plus), Brokos has heaps of involvement separating hands for technique examination, and here, he talks about a no-restriction cash-game hand with Card Player. 

The Game: 

Game: No-limit hold'em 

Stakes: $5-$10 

The Lineup 

Under a lot of pressure — ($1052) 

Center Position — ($1076) 

Lowlife — Cutoff — ($1042) 

Button — ($761.60) 

Andrew Brokos — Small Blind — ($1005) 

Huge Blind — ($1639.55) 

Survey of the Hand: 

Preflop Action: Villain raises to $50. Brokos calls $25 more with 9Diamond Suit 9Club 바카라사이트 Suit, and the Big Blind folds. The pot is presently $70. 


Kristy Arnett: What do you recall about the game paving the way to this hand? 

Andrew Brokos: It was a generally standard game. There were a ton of regulars, yet the one thing I will say is that the player in the huge visually impaired was not really a weakness, but rather I wouldn't see any problems him coming into the pot. I didn't think he planned to play very well postflop, and I likewise didn't think he planned to make a press play regularly preflop. 

KA: Was the player in the cutoff opening a beautiful wide reach? 

Stomach muscle: As wide as he ought to be. I don't believe he's perhaps the most forceful regular, yet he's certainly a decent player who will be opening a ton from the cutoff. I do accept my pocket nines are well in front of his reach. On the off chance that three-bet him, it wouldn't be horrible by any stretch of the imagination. I do it now and then, however I think nines have a fair measure of playability postflop when you simply call with them versus when you three-bet since it's hard to win a major pot with it if you do. That is since, in such a case that your adversary four-wagers, you're exceptionally upset with regards to it your hand regardless occurs. Regardless of whether your adversary simply calls and the lemon comes seven-high, your rival is now going to be concerned you have a major pair, so you can't rely on him stacking off with A-7 or in any event, having A-7. 

A ton of times, individuals think they need to three-bet since they have the best hand, and they're not actually contemplating what will occur or how it will work out in the event that they get called, or then again in case they are four-wagered. What amount is it will truly matter that they have pocket nines? As far as hands that you can three-bet, I lean toward three-wagering more grounded hands or more vulnerable hands like a fit ace that plays well postflop whenever called. I like the equitable call here with nines so that I'm not placing myself in an interesting circumstance in a major pot out of position. 

Flop Action: The comes QClub 온라인카지노 Suit 6Spade Suit 3Spade Suit. Brokos checks and Villain wagers $50. Brokos raises to $123. Reprobate calls. The pot is currently $316.

KA: Why did you choose to check-raise? 

Abdominal muscle: Situations like this have provided me with a difficult situation before, hands like this where I presumably have the best hand, yet there's a hand my rival could undoubtedly have that is more grounded. Here, my nines are well in front of his reach, and yet, he could have a sovereign, and assuming he does, I have almost no value with two outs to improve so I'm basically drawing dead if he has that hand. 

Simultaneously, I know he's wagering such countless hands on the lemon that my nines are in front of. I generally felt that assuming my hand was so solid, I should have the option to play it for esteem. It feels odd to check-call with a hand like pocket nines. Assuming you do check-raise, you hazard restricting your adversary's reach in that he overlap all that you were beating, and calls with just hands that you are moving almost dead against. That was my underlying concern. What I at last chose, however, is that indeed, individuals call a ton of check-raises here due to what I said before about this failure being ideally suited for him to continuation bet. For a similar explanation, it's a decent failure for me to check-raise feign him. You do get into these head games 온라인슬롯사이트 where he realizes that I realize that he will be wagering a great deal on this failure so I will be check-raising him a ton, so he's going to protect with much something beyond a couple of sovereigns. 


Against this specific player, I believe he will call with any pair, any draw—not simply great draws like a flush draw or 5-4 however even hands like 7-4. He's presumably calling in the event that he has like A-K or A-J, or simply an expert high since it could possibly be the best hand. He anticipates that I should check-raise feign here a considerable amount, so check-raising with nines is exploiting the way that he anticipates that I should feign a ton, and I'm playing a hand for esteem that may appear to be too feeble to even think about playing for esteem, yet comparative with every one of the occasions I'd feign here, it's really a quite amazing hand. 

KA: Because check-bringing puts you up in a predicament on the off chance that you get called or reraised, I see a many individuals just doing it with an exceptionally solid hand or on a total feign. This appears as though a decent way of keeping your reach from becoming captivated in case you are check-lifting a hand like nines. 

Abdominal muscle: Exactly in light of the fact that you're not going to have an exceptionally solid hand all that frequently. That is to say, I could have Q-J, K-Q, A-Q, pocket threes, pocket sixes, perhaps pocket sovereigns, and that's the long and short of it. There are not very many solid hands I could have here. I need to have the option to feign more regularly than that. I should really try to understand that a hand like nines is in reality quite impressive, on the grounds that there aren't that numerous ways I could have a solid hand. 

Turn Action: The turn is the 5Diamond Suit. The board presently peruses QClub Suit 6Spade Suit 3Spade Suit 5Diamond Suit. Brokos checks and Villain wagers $200. Brokos bets everything for $852 complete. Reprobate calls. The pot is currently $2,020. 

KA: What was your arrangement when you check-raised the turn? 

Stomach muscle: I'm staying with the possibility that I'm attempting to address a feign. I'm attempting to confound him by making it seem as though I'm feigning, and I'm really wagering a lovely minimal hand for esteem. The turn is the 5, which wouldn't do much for my hand in case I was feigning. The most I could have is a spade draw. I could have 5-4 which implies I made a couple however not an awesome one. Likewise, when I check, he could think I was on an unadulterated feign and simply surrendering on the grounds that he called me. 

The other decent thing when I check here is that I believe he will wager a ton of hands that I need him to wager, since, you don't see individuals check-raise twice frequently. A ton of times, individuals will not wager this turn on the off chance that they have a draw, similar to a hand like 10-9 of spades since, in such a case that I check-raise them, they will not be getting a remarkable right chances to call, however it sucks for them to have put such a lot of cash in the pot and need to overlay. In the event that individuals think there is a high danger of getting check-raised, they will not wager that hand, however he's truly not anticipating that I should check-raise the turn here so he may wager a draw like that. I likewise figure he can wager a ton of sets since he anticipates that I should have a draw or a feign that I'm abandoning, so he's not stressed over pot-controlling. He figures I will not put any longer cash in case I'm on a feign or except if I hit my draw, so he can wager, attempting to secure his hand. I can see him wagering A-3, 5-4, pocket sevens—a ton of hands that my nines are way in front of. 

Waterway and Conclusion: The stream is the 4Spade Suit. The board presently peruses QClub Suit 6Spade Suit 3Spade Suit 5Diamond Suit 4Spade Suit. Lowlife shows ASpade Suit 6Club Suit. Brokos shows 9Club Suit 9Diamond Suit and wins the pot of $2,017 (after rake). 

KA: Did you anticipate that he should call with a hand like he had? 

Abdominal muscle: Well, when he wagers, he's nearly got the right chances to call me with A-6 regardless of whether saw my pocket nines. With every one of the draws on the board, the chance I check-raised him on a draw is there, so I don't think his call is awful by any means. I believe it's really the right call.